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About Us

The initiative to establish a library association was led by Mr. A. S. Bryant, the first Director of the Jamaica Library Service, as such a body was regarded as an 'essential part of library organisation in the island.' Accordingly in 1949, a year after the Jamaica Library Service was established, the Provisional Library Board approved the convening of a meeting of all persons working in libraries or having an interest in library development. The meeting was a success as 94 persons met at the St. Catherine Parish Library on July 14, 1949 and passed a resolution that the Jamaica Library Association be formed.

To provide leadership in the development, promotion and mobilization of personnel, institutions and resources in the information field in order to encourage learning and facilitate access to information.


The Jamaica Library Association was founded to:-

- Unite all persons engaged in or interested in library work in Jamaica and provide opportunities for their meeting together to discuss matters relating to libraries.

- Encourage co-operation between libraries and promote the active development and maintenance of libraries throughout Jamaica.

- Promote a high standard of education and training of library staff and work towards improving the status of librarians.

- Promote a wider knowledge of library work and to form an educated public opinion on libraries.

The affairs of the Association are managed by an Executive Committee of not more than fifteen(15) members. The officers of the Association comprise the President, the Immediate Past President, not more than two Vice-presidents, the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer.

The Association organizes (a) regular meetings, (b) professional meetings, (c) seminars and workshops and (d) conferences. The Association hosts an Annual General Meeting in January of each year. Regular meetings are held at least three times a year. Meetings of the Executive are held as often as is necessary for the transaction of business.




President/ DLIS/ Education Institution Rep.

Mark-Jeffery Deans 

1st Vice President/Treasurer

Kerry Rodney Wellington

2nd Vice President/Assistant Secretary

Marsha Crawford

Honorary Secretary    

Simone Harrison

Immediate Past President      

Nicholas Graham


Retired Members Special Interest Group


Academic Libraries Section

Joseph Kerr 

Rec. and Arch. Management Section

Tracey-Ann Ricketts

Schools Section

Ruth Baker-Gardner

Special Libraries Section

Leleka Johnson 


Education and Training Working Party

Nicola Palmer

Fundraising Working Party

Stacey Morant

Information Technology Working Party

Marsha-Gay Robinson

Membership & Condition. of Service Working Party

Nicoleen Saunders-Grant

Public Relations Working Party

Monique Forgie-Scott

Research and Publication Working Party

Sasekea Harris


JARD Representative

Krystelle Scott

JLS Representative

Keisha Walton

NLJ Representative

Tracey-Ann Ricketts


Advocacy Sub-Section

Adele Merritt-Bernard

Functions Sub-Section

Chantal Cousins

Awards Sub-Section

Juliet Fuller

Building and Property Development Sub-Commitee