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Each represents a focal point within the membership for special interest groups and attracts a vibrant, active following.


In 1973, the first section was established within the Association. Its main objective is to foster the development of libraries and literature for children and young people. Regular, well-attended meetings (often combined with a workshop) are held thrice per year on all aspects of school libraries at different locations throughout Jamaica.

This Section played a key role in the establishment in 1971 of the International Association of School Librarians, the idea for which was formulated at a World Confederation of Organizations of the Teaching Profession Conference held in Jamaica. It has offered incentives for performance through schemes such as the Innovative Award for Excellence for School Library Programmes.



This section was created in 1982 to promote continuing education activities for the benefit of librarians and to provide a forum for sharing problems and ideas in order to further the development of special libraries. It caters to members who work in Special Libraries or are interested in the development of such libraries and from time to time, mounts special events and projects for the benefit of the group.



The most recent of the Sections, this group was formally established on November 24, 2001. The Section is actively engaged in maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship between retirees and the library and information profession and in providing opportunities for the social interaction of its members. Membership is open to persons who are retired or within five years of retirement.


Established to cater to the growing needs of information professionals within tertiary level educational institutions.



This group has specific mandate to foster the growth and development of records and archives management professionals.